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Sterling Silver Charms - Travel

The perfect add-on to your charm bracelet.

Alamo - Oxidized sterling silver Alamo charm is approximately 10.5mm x 19mm. The charm hangs 25mm.

Backpack - Oxidized sterling silver backpack charm is approximately 8.5mm x 13mm.

Bourbon/Canal Street - Charm measures 22x16mm.

Camera - Charm measures 7.5x16mm.

Camper - Oxidized sterling silver camping travel trailer charm is approximately 9mm x 22mm.

Eiffel Tower - Charm measures 23x6.5mm.

Globe - Oxidized flat sterling silver globe design charm. Measures 14.7mm x 17.8mm. 

Golden Gate Bridge - Oxidized sterling silver Golden Gate Bridge charm is approximately 8mm x 26mm.

Grand Canyon - Oxidized sterling silver cut out "Grand Canyon" charm. The charm is approximately 19.5mm x 20.5mm.

Jet - Polished sterling silver jet charm. The jet is approximately 20mm x 23.5mm.

Las Vegas - Oxidized sterling silver cut out "Las Vegas" charm. The charm is approximately 18mm x 19mm.

Lighthouse - Oxidized sterling silver lighthouse charm is approximately 13mm x 19.5mm. The charm hangs 26mm.

Mailbox - Sterling silver 13mm x 15mm mailbox charm. The opened end of the mailbox is engraved with "mail". The mailbox door is not hinged; it does not open and close.

Mardi Gras Mask (small) - Charm measures 6x17mm.

Mardi Gras Mask Feathers - Charm measures 14x16mm.

Motorcycle - Charm measures 9x17mm.

Mt. Rushmore - Oxidized sterling silver "Mt. Rushmore S.D." charm is approximately 20mm x 21mm.

New Orleans - Sterling silver open circle charm with "New Orleans" and Mardi Gras mask. Charm is 21mm in diameter. 

Passport - Oxidized passport charm. Charms measure 19mmx10mm.

Palm Tree - Charm measures 21x12mm.

Photo album - Charm measures 11x9mm.

Sand bucket - Charm measures 11.5x7mm.

Scrapbook - Oxidized passport charm. Charms measure 19mmx10mm.

Sombrero - Fiesta time! Whether you love mariachi music or the Mexican culture this sombrero charm has great detail on it. Oxidized 3D sombrero hat charm. Charm measures 16.2mm x 19mm. 

St. Christopher - Satin finish sterling silver charm medallion inscribed with "St. Christopher Protect Us". St. Christopher is the Patron Saint of travel. The charm is approximately 12mm x 17mm.   

Statue of Liberty - Charm measures 21x9mm.

Sunglasses - Charm measures 18x5mm.  

Suitcase - Oxidized sterling silver suitcase with airplane design charm. The charm measures approximately 15mm. 

Yellowstone - Oxidized sterling silver "Yellowstone National Park" with bear charm. The charm is approximately 16.5mm x 22mm.

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