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Sterling Silver Charms - Sports

The perfect add-on for your charm bracelet.

13.1 - Oxidized sterling silver "13.1" half marathon charm. The charm measures approximately 15mm.

26.2 - Oxidized sterling silver "26.2" marathon charm. The charm measures approximately 15mm.

Ballet dancer 1 - Charm measures 27x9mm.

Ballet dancer 2 - Charm measures 22x9mm.

Ballet shoes 1 - Charm measures 18x4mm.

Ballet shoes 2 - Charm measures 15x7.5mm.

Baseball - Oxidized sterling silver baseball charm is approximately 5.5mm x 13mm.

Baseball mitt - Charm measures 15x11mm.

Bowling strike - Charm measures 9x13mm.

Cheerleader - Charm measures 24x8.5mm.

Football player - Charm measures 28x15mm.

Football helmet - Charm measures 12x12mm.

Ice skate - Charm measures 11x12.5mm.

Ice skater female - Charm measures 22x7.5mm.

Lacrosse stick - Oxidized sterling silver lacrosse stick charm. Charm measures 26mmx7mm.

Love to cheer - Charm measures 13x15.5mm.

Love to run - Oxidized sterling silver "Love to Run" charm. The charm measures approximately 15mm x 21mm.

Love football - Oxidized I love Football charm.

Martial arts - Charm measures 15x22.5mm.

Motorcycle - Charm measures 9x17mm.

Runner - Oxidized sterling silver female runner charm. The charm measures approximately 12mm x 20mm.

Running shoe - Oxidized sterling silver running shoe sole charm. The charm measures approximately 5mm x 22mm.

Skateboard - Charm measures 19x6mm.

Soccer ball - Charm measures 10mm in diameter.

Soccer girl - Charm measures 21x17mm.

Soccer mom - Charm measures 9x14.5mm.

Softball player - Charm measures 16x8mm.

Tap shoes - Charm measures 16.5x8mm.

Tennis racket - Charm measures 28x11.5mm.

Trophy - Charm measures 16x12mm.

Whistle - Oxidized sterling silver whistle charm is approximately 8mm x 23mm.

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