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Sterling Silver Charms - Hobbies

The perfect add-on for your charm bracelet.

Backpack - Oxidized sterling silver backpack charm is approximately 8.5mm x 13mm.

Bingo card - 18.5mm x 11mm sterling silver bingo card charm.

Binoculars - Oxidized sterling silver binoculars charm measures approximately 11mm x 12mm.

Bow and arrow - Oxidized sterling silver bow and arrow charm is approximately 8mm x 33mm.

Butterfly net charm - Oxidized sterling silver butterfly net charm is approximately 18mm x 19mm.

Camera - Charm measures 7.5x16mm.

Carabiner - Oxidized sterling silver rock climbing carabiner charm. The charm is approximately 10mm x 24mm.

Chess knight - Sterling silver 22mm x 9mm chess piece.

Compass - Oxidized sterling silver compass charm with spinning needle. The charm is 12mm. The charm hangs 19mm. The compass charm is decorative and not a functioning compass.

Dice - Oxidized sterling silver pair of dice charm. Each die measures 5mm, and the charm hangs approximately 14mm.

Domino - 21mm x 8mm sterling silver domino charm.

Fishing pole and fish - Oxidized sterling silver fishing pole charm with 2 fish. The charm measures approximately 5.5mm x 35mm.

Glue gun - Oxidized sterling silver "GLUE" gun charm. The charm is approximately 19mm x 19mm.

Gold bag - Oxidized sterling silver golf bag charm is approximately 6.5mm x 23mm. The charm hangs 18mm.

Golf cart - Charm measures 9x12mm.

Golf club - Sterling silver golf club charm is approximately 5mm x 26.5mm.

Golf tee - Oxidized sterling silver golf ball on tee charm is approximately 5mm x 21mm.

Hot air balloon - Oxidized sterling silver hot air balloon charm is approximately 11mm x 22mm.

Kayaker - Oxidized kayaker charm. Charm measures approximately 15mm.

Kite - Charm measures 22x7.5mm.

Laptop - Charm measures 16x15mm.

Masks - Charm measures 9x14mm.

Money tree - Turns out money does grow on trees. Oxidized sterling silver money tree charm is approximately 16mm x 26mm.

Movie camera - Charm measures 17x15mm.

Movie clapboard - Oxidized sterling silver movable movie clapboard charm. The charm is approximately 14mm x 20mm.

Painter's palette - Charm measures 22x14mm.

Propeller - Polished sterling silver boat propeller charm. The charm is approximately 12mm.

Push mower - Oxidized sterling silver push mower charm is approximately 13mm x 30mm.

Riding hat and crop - Sterling silver golf club charm is approximately 5mm x 26.5mm.

Rocket - Oxidized sterling silver rocket charm measures approximately 8mm x 32mm.

Sailboat - Charm measures 16x15mm.

Scrapbook - Sterling silver "Memories" scrap book charm. The scrap book is approximately 14mm x 14mm. The charm hangs approximately 26mm.

Sewing machine - Charm measures 9x14.5mm.

Snowmobile - Oxidized sterling silver snow mobile charm is approximately 9mm x 23mm.

Surf board - Oxidized sterling silver surfboard charm is approximately 6mm x 31mm.

Swim fins - Oxidized sterling silver swim fins charm. Each fin measures approximately 6mm x 24mm.

Tandem bicycle - Oxidized sterling silver tandem bicycle charm is approximately 19mm x 26mm.

Thimble - Charm measures 9x8mm.

Trike motorcycle - Oxidized sterling silver trike motorcycle charm is approximately 11.5mm x 20.5mm. The charm hangs 25mm.

Wagon - Oxidized sterling silver wagon charm is approximately 14.5mm x 24mm.

Weather vane - Oxidized sterling silver rooster weather vane charm is approximately 16mm x 26mm.

Wheelbarrow - Oxidized sterling silver wheelbarrow charm is approximately 7mm x 28.5mm.

Whistle - Oxidized sterling silver whistle charm is approximately 8mm x 23mm.

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